Come Grow with Us!

If you are excited about focusing on mission;


Possess the technical expertise, experience, and customer understanding needed to excel on the government’s most challenging programs;


Enjoy working with a team of motivated professionals who are compensated for the time and effort that led to their success;


Looking for a small company atmosphere without the chaos of a startup;


Want to contribute to the company’s success and know that your ideas will be heard;


Call or email us today.  We would love to talk to you about current and future opportunities.



We’re small . . . and we’re good at it. Small by design, not by accident, we’re picky about the people on our team and the work we choose to support. TKO has been in business for 15 years. Throughout, we’ve kept our original customer base while expanding our team of experts and the number of contracts and customers that we support. 


Flexible hours. Your hours are as flexible as we can make them.  Most companies require you to make up time off for doctor’s visits, three-day weekends, and other time off within a two week billing cycle.  At TKO, we allow you to balance your hours across the whole year. And if you end the year with extra hours, you’ll get a bonus that pays you for every one – including hours from any unused vacation and holidays.


Automatic 401k contribution and optional match. Your retirement is important to us, even if you contribute nothing to your 401K, we’ll deposit an amount equal to 4% of your base salary each month.  If you want to contribute more, we’ll match contributions you make beyond that 4% up to a 7% total company contribution.


Affordable Health, Dental, and Life Insurance.  As costs have continued to rise, we’ve consistently provided our employees and their families with high quality, affordable coverage plans that meet their specific needs.


More fun, less BS.  Because we’re small, you’ll spend less time on corporate politics, proposal teams, and bureaucracy, and more time solving technical and programmatic challenges for your government customers – and have some fun along the way.

Trusted Knowledge Options, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer